Dear visitors, welcome to my webpage where you may find information about my scientific and professional activities, popularization of science and philosophy.

I am assistant professor at LIS Dept. of Zadar University. I studied philosophy, sociology and psychology, got M.Sc. in linguistics, PhD in philosophy of science. I teach logic, information ethics, philosophy of information, philosophy and science fiction, philosophical counseling... My research interes are at the interscetion of philosophy and popular culture, philosophical counseling, information ethics and philosophy of information.

I volunteer at Student counseling center and work with students with disabilities on Peer support course. I'm person with disability too, having an Erb's palsy.

I wrote two books, Fallout and Philosophy and Defragmentations (both in Croatian), and a dozen of scientific articles and conference proceedings. I participated on various conferences in Croatia and abroad. I worked as visiting fellow at Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria, and Boras College, Sweden.

conference Formal Methods and Science in Philosophy II, Dubrovnik


Krešimir Zauder and me presented for the first time the results of graph theory application to networks consisting of philosophical concepts and those made of philosophers themselves. We showed cases of some interesting previous research in the field. Our approach was specific in analyzing Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy instead of Wikipedia due to more consistent editorial policy and more representative data. Encyclopedia consists of more than 2,000 articles that were written by more than 1,200 contributors.

Krešimir's software extracted data from encyclopedia: articles' titles and types, editorial classification, and out- and in-going links between articles. I did visualization (there are almost 5,000 links between more than 900 philosophers) as well as statistical analysis of links. Results clearly indicates the pattern: distributions are Pareto-like (longtail) whether we are looking at links for the concepts, the philosophers, out- or in-going links, as well as contributors' work.