Dear visitors, welcome to my webpage where you may find information about my scientific and professional activities, popularization of science and philosophy.

I am assistant professor at LIS Dept. of Zadar University. I studied philosophy, sociology and psychology, got M.Sc. in linguistics, PhD in philosophy of science. I teach logic, information ethics, philosophy of information, philosophy and science fiction, philosophical counseling... My research interes are at the interscetion of philosophy and popular culture, philosophical counseling, information ethics and philosophy of information.

I volunteer at Student counseling center and work with students with disabilities on Peer support course. I'm person with disability too, having an Erb's palsy.

I wrote two books, Fallout and Philosophy and Defragmentations (both in Croatian), and a dozen of scientific articles and conference proceedings. I participated on various conferences in Croatia and abroad. I worked as visiting fellow at Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria, and Boras College, Sweden.

pop-sci lecture My sci-fi, your life

Invited by Renata Fujčić, my high-school teacher of biochemistry, Renata Ruić Funčić, I kept short pop-sci lecture on two masterpieces of science fiction, Herbert's Dune and Asimov's robot cycle. Herbert's story on galactic-religious revolution seems pretty close today presenting challenges of culture contact, boundaries of human development (Huntington meeting posthumanism) and political upheaval due to technological change (weirding ways vs. Internet of things). The second part is about robots and artificial intelligence, a favourite topic by Isaac Asimov since the late 1930s. We'll see how good predictions his stories are about challenges we're about to meet soon with robotics.

conference Croatian Philosophy in Context and Interaction, Cres

Together with Maja Jadrešin I presented the paper On (in)visibility of Croatian philosophers in encyclopedias. Lecture is dealing with the issue of invisibility of Croatian philosophers in specialized tertiary publications such as philosophical dictionaries and encyclopedias. A couple of printed, digital and on-line encyclopedias and dictionaries in English and German language are analyzed. The results suggest minor representation – with the exception of Frane Petrić and Ruđer Bošković, no other Croatian philosopher has his own article in edited publications. Wikipedia is the exception due to collective contribution. Possible causes and solutions are discussed in the lecture.