Lozena Ivanov, Zvjezdan Penezic



This paper gives a review of some basic principles of self-efficacy theory. Basic elements of self-efficacy theory are discussed, as well as their sources in the social-cognitive theory of personality. Effects of self-efficacy beliefs, sources of self-efficacy, development of self-efficacy beliefs are discussed, too. Some specificity of the measurement of self-efficacy and relevant self-efficacy scales are mentioned.
Self-efficacy theory is discussed in relation to some other constructs. These constructs include outcome-expectancy and they have some role in human motivation. This paper tries to emphasize the difference between the construct of self-efficacy and other relevant constructs.
Finally, some future directions are laid out because the construct of self-efficacy seems very interesting for further investigation.

KEY WORDS: Self-efficacy, theory, sources, development, self-esteem